Pierre + Gabrielle Gerber, Gardener from Jardin aux plantes parfumées

Pierre und Gabrielle Gerber, Gardeners and happy about. Image Hervé Lenain

The garden is now permanently closed to visits, only these pages are still visible

Who we are?

In the Gerber family we can meet…

A sort of current of air, passing the cultivator, repairing leaks in the water system, scraping, excavating, stirring up aromatic mixtures and humming them with a sprayer on his back over the cultures.
If he passes nearby, we receive a generous smile and sometimes he stops and we can pass the time of day with Pierre.

He has taken vocational training in tree-growing and vegetable gardening and was born in 195
Sign of the zodiac: earth worm!
What he hates more than anything: an engine which does not want to start.
What he likes more than anything: the undescribable fragrance of Albizzia flowers.

If, in the first days of spring, you discover here and there
large heaps of grass and branches, in going from heap to heap and you will
end up seeing a posterior part emerging from the vegetation with agitated
arms a little bit lower. Cough slightly, and Gabrielle will straighten herself up with smile.
Sometimes, we’ll guess her in the blurred heat of summer to collecting,
weeding or hoeing. But at the first drop of rain, watch out, she disappears.

We can find her again in the greenhouse, and there she is sustained by gentle tomcats, spread out over the table, looking amorously for everything she is doing .
They are her muses and called Riesling and Gaspard.

She has a vocational formation in tree nursing and landscape gardening.
She was born young
Sign of the zodiac: Ostrich!
What she hates more than all: not to be able to finish hoeing a line of flowers.
What she loves more than all: : the feeling she gets by a bird being perched on her hand.

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