Le jardin enchanté, Jardin aux Plantes parfumées la Bouichère

The garden is now permanently closed to visits and it is in development to be rented for any event: Wedding receptions, seminars, filming …

At 95 % in organic culture, the garden is amended by donkey manure, homemade compost and organic fertilizer.

Jardin aux Plantes parfumées la Bouichère

Educational and fun:

Discover the inventiveness of the flora and the pleasure of the showcase, the garden can be visited like an open book for everyone to understand and appreciate plants.

Walking just enjoying the beauty and colors, bend down and smell or read the labels, find inspiration for your own garden, see plants which you not even not imagine their existence … Adults and children, beginners and botanical enthusiasts, this visit allows everyone to relax.

The real stars hère are the plants,  defining the scenes and moods and waking up the senses without tiring.

Jardin aux Plantes parfumées la Bouichère

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